Flood Restoration, South Riding VA

I would like to share, what an amazing experience I had with USAA and SHAY CONSTRUCTION.   On Christmas Eve, I had a water line break and water damage occur on my main level and into the basement.   As you can image, this was not on the agenda for Christmas Eve, which ended disrupting our entire Christmas and weeks to follow.  Having family and friends guest staying with us, this caused a holiday to remember.

USAA, was absolutely professional and amazing and TIMELY!!!    I cannot thank the representative enough who was assigned to my case.   They walked me through each step and took the time to explain each step.   I have been a member for 30 years and I will never change from USAA.   They are absolutely the most reliable company in every aspect…house insurance, car insurance, etc.

 Moving forward, SHAY CONSTRUCTION, was assigned my case.   I was contacted within 24 hours of being assigned this amazing company and met me within the following 24 hours to come to my home to view the damages.   SHAY CONSTRUCTION set up a date and time that worked for my schedule.   I didn’t have to miss any additional work and was waiting for me when I arrived!   They were swift, thorough and didn’t bog me down with details that would have been over my head to understand.   They were reassuring this damage would be taken care of.   They are the ones that provided me with the suggestion of needing the area to be “dried out”.  Without his professional expert experience, we would have never realized water had done more damage than the eye could have seen and needed additional attention to remove the water damage.  We owe him a large amount of appreciation!! 

 Once, the drying process was complete several days later, SHAY CONSTRUCTION, once again provided an incredible turnaround time frame to start the work and complete the work.  SHAY CONSTRUCTION, was there holding my hand and explaining each step of the way.   As stated above, the water damage even emerged into another section of my home, which would have created an even more complicated  construction job and when I spoke with SHAY CONSTRUCTION regarding the possible additional work.  Once again, I received an “okay no problem!”  

 SHAY CONSTRUCTION, was absolutely the most professional, courteous and outstanding craftsmanship.   My home looks brand new as if nothing happened!!!!   They were so responsive and comforting during this already tragedy event to my home on Christmas Eve.   Not only will I recommend them, I will personally use them for any future work I need in my home.

Thank you,
Special Agent Keelie Maiden

Fire restoration

​I don't know where to begin, but on a Sunday afternoon, my family became the victims of a fire to our house. My children were devastated that we were now homeless. We had our puppy, Leo, with us, but unfortunately, we lost our parakeet, Trixie, to the fire. Anyone could imagine the grief my family must have been going through. The last thing on my mind was to go through a list and pick a construction company, but God made it easy for me. I was instantly convinced that Shay Construction was the company to pick. Shy Construction sent two very charming and caring men to my hotel to meet me. Steve and Cloyd made me feel like I was part of the Shay Construction team and stayed in contact with me the entire time. They tuned into my needs; Shay knew that I worked nights, so they made sure to call me during the time that I got up. What company does that? Shay Construction! I was thrilled to meet the owner, Gary. I have never met such a wonderful and giving person as Gary Shay. If I had questions, he made sure that I got answers. Shay Construction is a well-rounded and dedicated team that works for the customer, NOT for the insurance company. I want to thank ALL who had a part in the rebuilding of my house. You were able to get us into our new home by Christmas! Cost to rebuild my house: over $150,000. The day that I was able to move into my BEAUTIFUL new home: priceless. 

​Thank you Shay Construction for all that you do to bring joy to families in despair. Thank you for the new parakeet that Gary gave us for Christmas. It's true what they say about angels: they live on earth.

With love, Yvette Burnett

Remodel manassas, va

Dear Gary Shay,

You told my wife and I that I would be happy with the work your crew would do, and you were absolutely right!

My wife couldn't be happier with the outcome. As a former contractor, I appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Your crew was professional, efficient, ridiculously hard-working, and very good at what they do.

I thanked them when they finished, but I also wanted to thank you for taking good care of us.

​I have already passed your phone number to two ladies at work who are planning to hire someone to do work at their homes.

​It s rare that my wife and I are completely happy with any work we have done to our home. Your crew exceeded our expectations and we thank you so much.

Cheers, Kevin W. Carrow, Lt. Col., USAF

flood restoration Vienna, VA

Thank you so much for all your help in repairing my home from the flood damage. I feel a little emotional in my gratitude because just yesterday your crew came and replaced the furniture so carefully as to make it seem like home again. Here are the specific things that I appreciated about the job you did for me:

  1. ​You were always available and responsive to questions I asked or problems I brought up and never acted like I was bothering you.
  2. You explained things so I understood what was going on and brought in appropriate subcontractors so that various elements of the job were being done by people who knew what they were doing
  3. the quality of the work was excellent, even though working with an old house like mine has some challenges and required some creativity.
  4. The foreman was very easy to get along with and seemed cheerful even when I brought up concerns that made his work harder. His workers were always courteous and respectful.
  5. You and your workers were creative at solving the various challenges that arose.

Thank you so much for giving me my home back even better than it was before the flood!

Sincerely Yours, Garry Genser

Fire restoration college park, md

​I had serious fire damage at my house, and Shay Construction did a magnificent job on my house restoration project. What stood out with Shay was their reputation for getting things done. Also, they put my best interest at heart. I have never seen any construction company that has so many talented individuals in one compant, from the estimator to the foreman, to other field restoration staff. They has expertise in all aspects of property restoration. Most importantly, as an organization, they maintain integrity at the highest level. Despite all of the challenging encounters with the City of College Park, Shay Construction was still able to finish all the work on time.

Ibrahim Oladotun, CPA

flood restoration lusby, md

Last winter we experienced an unfortunate event when the water pipes of a third story bathroom froze and burst, flooding a home we own in Lusby, MD, As Peter was on deployment with the US Navy, no one was residing in this home to catch it on time and water flowed for days through all three floors. The damage was extensive, causing the drywall to fall, the floors to buckle, insulation to saturate, the electrical components to short out, and the furnace to fail.

When this disaster was discovered, we notified our insurance company to report a claim. We heard through a family friend that Shay Construction would be a good company to perform the emergency services and repair the damages. Thank goodness we made that call! They worked with the insurance company to prepare damage estimates and start drying out the home immediately. They were responsiver to our needs and helped to diminish our fears of what was to become of the house.

The personnel at Shay Construction were great at keeping us  up-to-date with what was going on and what needed to be done to properly restore our house. They were estremely professional throughout the time it took to complete the repairs and always had a great knowledge of the sequences that were needed to make these repairs. We are very pleased with the results we obtained with the Shay personnel. They worked efficiently and timely with our insurance carrier to complete the job. We were satisfied with the quality of Shay's work 100% and would highly recommend Shay Construction to anyone who is in need of their expertise and services.

We can only praise our insurance company for allowing Shay Construction to be our restoration contractor during that trying time.

Sincerely, Peter & Blake Ketterer

farm renovation cheltenham, md

In 2000 we bought a very run down farm in Cheltenham. Our plans were to rehabilitate and clean up the farm, then remodel a small cottage. Although plans for the house began in 2000, actual work did not start until the fall of 2007.

It is not possible for me to be too effusive in my praise of Steve Wick and Joe Sachs. Each of them is an expert in his own area, and without them the project would have been impossible.

​Steve's skill in dealing with the Permit Department is without peer; he has made miracles happen with a government agency that changes its rules and staff on a daily basis. He has returned my telephone calls and emails immediately, answered my numerous questions, explained various aspects of building and the code, and pointed me in the direction of some excellent resources. Perhaps most importantly he channeled my energies and frustration in positive directions.

Shay Construction

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