You are about to make one of the most important decision ever--hiring a restoration contractor to restore your property--and the wrong choice can make a bad situation much worse. Immediately following disaster, you will be swarmed with insurance adjuster, salesman, board-up crews and water mitigation companies all insisting that you need their services. How do you know which service you need, and who can you trust to make these repairs? Do not make the costly and time-consuming mistake of allowing another company to make these decisions for you. Contact Shay Construction from the beginning and you can rest assured that you will be included in every step of the process, from disaster mitigation to the unveiling of your beautiful new home.

The restoration process is a big part of the healing process after a devastating flood or fire. As your house begins to feel like your home again, you can begin to pick up the pieces and move on. Shay Construction understands this and works hard to help bring total peace of mind to our customers. We view our customers as our partner and want to keep them involved and informed throughout the entire process. We welcome your feedback.

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3 rules for choosing a contractor

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RULE #1 - Do not choose a family member or friend

Your restoration contractor should have the proper certifications and restoration experience, as well as the experience working with insurance companies.

RULE #2 - Do not choose the company that built your house
Contractors who focus primarily on new construction often lack the substantial insurance restoration knowledge, training, certifications  and equipment necessary to perform needed repairs and restorative cleaning.

RULE #3 - Do not choose someone who has not worked with insurance companies
Your restoration company must have the capabilities and experience to meet the meticulous standards of your insurance company, including special estimating software. Shay Construction will provide all necessary documentation, inclduing the estimate and pictures, in a format that meet's the insurance company's requirements.